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Known as 3T Operations

Single point of contact, multi carrier expertise

3T Symphony enables clients to take advantage of 3T’s carrier network. Symphony offers regional carrier pricing for a national carrier service standard, system infrastructure and a single point of contact.

National network of integrated carriers

The Symphony carrier network comprises a flexible core base of UK based regional hauliers offering FMCG transport services anywhere in the UK. The network is managed centrally by 3T. Using 3T’s system and service delivery expertise, the network is set up to provide industry leading service standards for on time delivery, POD provision and event management, as well as offering the most cost effective transport tariff.

Integrated systems

It is 3T’s unique transport management system that holds the key to the success of the 3T Symphony network. The system integrates with both customer and carrier to ensure a seamless flow of information, providing full visibility to all parties in the transport process. The systems help reduce administration for both customer and carrier, and speed up the flow of information, providing greater visibility than any other transport network operating in the market.

3T Systems platform

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  • Management information
  • Tracking order references
  • Collaborative planning
  • Carrier selection & alocation
  • Carrier invoice control
  • Lead time control
  • Service level measure
  • End to end visibility
  • Cost control

Multi carrier solutions

3T Symphony is independent of any 3pl carrier and can offer its clients the optimum carrier solution for each activity. Introducing additional carriers into a client’s business whilst delivering a better rate potentially increases administration and complexity within the business. Solo enables 3T to simplify the complexity and create a single platform for all of a client’s transport activity.
Single carrier
A single carrier solution results in the highest but simplest transport option for a shipper. There is little complexity, but the carrier is not the most cost effective option for all traffic streams.
Typical company
Most shippers can manage 3 or 4 carriers without too much complexity. This generates a more cost effective transport option, but increases complexity of managing different tariffs, invoices and service levels.
This represents the optimum transport cost for a single shipper. The transport cost is as low as possible, but the increased number of carriers generates greater complexity than can be managed efficiently, resulting in increased administration cost and greater room for error.
customers and true collaboration. The transport cost is optimum and the complexity of increased number of carriers is managed through the Solo system.
Transport tendering
3T usually tender on behalf of their clients. Aligned with the client’s requirements and business profile, 3T will scour the market for the best choice carrier for the given service level. Recommendations are based on service and cost as a poor service can be more costly than any rate saving. Cost comparison is based on the profile of a business and includes any process efficiency improvements that can be implemented.
Service level agreement
All carriers work to a standard service level agreement which ensures maximum protection for our clients and demonstrates our commitment to working with the carrier for a 12 month contract. SLAs include terms and conditions, rates, process compliance and performance targets.
Process compliance
3T carriers must adhere to a strict set of standard processes which are aimed at ensuring that the highest level of service is provided to our clients, and that there is consistency across all carriers. Process compliance incorporates delivery track and trace, proof of delivery and invoice control.
KPI reporting
Daily KPIs are maintained with all carriers to ensure that the service standards do not slip and that we are able to react to issues proactively at all times. KPIs are managed through the system and performance reports are available to both carrier and customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Problems solved by 3T Symphony

  • Reversing the trend of the increasing cost of transport
  • Single point of contact for transport
  • Reduced administration in transport
  • Outsourced solution for transport
  • Reducing carrier availability
  • Poor and disjointed systems in transport
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