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Known as 3T Operations

World class transport management systems

Solo is a transport management system, available as a software as a service offer (SaaS) designed to enable clients to benefit from 3T’s industry leading technology and reduce their transport cost.

Designed by our clients for our clients

Solo has been developed to support 3T’s transport management operations since the year 2000. The system functionality has been designed to reduce internal administration in managing our clients’ transport activity. The system has been tried and tested in a “real world” environment. Integrating seamlessly into our clients’ systems, Solo automates much of the activity involved in managing a transport operation, including: order consolidation, transport optimisation, carrier selection and allocation, carrier communication, shipment pricing, POD control, invoice audit and validation, batching and accrual and management information and reporting. We are continually developing Solo to ensure that it stays at the forefront of transport management technology. We believe Solo is an investment for the future, offering a sustainable competitive advantage that sets us apart from the competition.

A modular approach to solving transport problems

Whatever your problem is, Solo is equipped to help solve it. The Solo platform is flexible enough to deal with issues of all types. We at 3T love a challenge, so if you think your problem is unique we’d love to hear from you
  • Auto Consolidate
    • Consolidation of orders and order lines to create transport orders
    • Consolidation based on date, destination, service and product compatibility
    • Converts individual orders to consolidated carrier consignments
    • Dynamic decision making in a live environment
  • Parts Configurator
    • Applies weights and dimension by part number
    • Packaging detail by part number and units per package
    • Product type categorisation and compatibility
    • Optimal packaging configuration to generate “perfect cube” pallet configuration
    • Stacking and orientation of handling units
    • Pallet space calculator to ensure optimum planning
  • Optimiser
    • Multi carrier transport optimisation
    • Load building and optimal transport mode
    • Optimal carrier allocation based on dynamic carrier availability
    • Increases speed of transport planning to enable later order cut-off
    • Increases planning capacity in high stress periods
    • Increased focus on customer service and continuous improvement
  • Business Intelligence
    • On line management information dashboard
    • Real time KPI charts
    • Dynamic and instantaneous results at the click of a button
    • Standard and bespoke report views
    • Annual, monthly, weekly and daily trend functionality
    • “drill down” and “what if” functionality to discover cause and affect.
    • Data input from multiple sources – standalone or part of SOLO
  • Carrier Connect
    • On line carrier web portal
    • Communicate transport allocation
    • Accept / reject load functionality
    • Collection time allocation
    • POD upload
    • Invoice acceptance and submission
    • Invoice status indicator
  • Despatch & Delivery Control
    • On line visual interpretation of loading slots and bays
    • Individual loads booked by time
    • Status indicators to indicate in progress and despatched loads
    • Delivery and collection confirmation status
    • Issue logging and tracking
    • Collection and delivery performance KPI and tracking
    • Email issue notification
    • Web portal customer service access
  • ePOD
    • Electronic capture of all PODs
    • Web viewer to access PODs by delivery note number
    • Identify and categorise “claused” PODs
    • Request PODs directly from carrier
    • Claims process to manage POD issues
    • No POD No invoice option
  • Invoice Control
    • 2 way web based portal for shippers and carriers
    • Rate application to all transportation requests
    • Configurable billing period based on carrier / customer preference
    • Additional charge calculator to manage tolls / fuel surcharges / Special costs
    • Invoice upload and approval functionality
    • Invoice status traffic lights for carrier to monitor progress
    • Batch invoice processing for multiple invoices and carriers
    • Invoice accrual capture for configurable accrual periods

Solo by statistics

Solo offers distinct advantages for its customers in many areas including
Standard company
Company with Solo
Transport cost
Annual cost: £1million
Annual transport cost: £1million
Simple transport solution with few carriers and 0 complexity
Annual cost: £850k
Annual transport cost with Solo: £850k
More complex multi carrier solution delivering significant savings
Administration: 100%
Administration: 100%
Timely manual administration tasks
Administration: 20%
Administration with Solo: 20%
SOLO automates the transport administration process reducing heads
Issues: 100%
Issues: 100%
Increasing issues over time as increased pressure on cost
Issues: 75%
Issues with Solo: 75%
Systems visibility and control to reduce transport related problems

Problems solved by 3T Solo

  • Order consolidation to avoid carrier overcharge
  • Choosing the best cost carrier for each activity to optimise cost
  • Communicating daily requirements to carriers to reduce time
  • Delivery tracking information to provide visibility
  • Loading bay optimisation to reduce loading bottlenecks
  • Invoice control and audit to ensure correct tariff application
  • One stop management information standardisation of reports across all carriers
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