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Known as 3T Operations

Transport management (TMS) expertise

3T Chorus are a true 4PL offering our clients transport management solutions (TMS) . Working in partnership, our aim is to provide our clients with transport cost savings and improved service levels.

Improving efficiency through a best practice approach

The 3T approach helps our clients to improve transport cost through the use of state of the art technology, a multi carrier network and internal efficiency improvement frameworks to ensure a best practice approach to transport management. With our multi market sector transport knowledge and vast experience of running transport tenders on a global and multi modal scale, 3T are best placed to help you to define your transport vision and strategy for the future.

A continuous improvement approach to sustainable transport savings

Savings are delivered by 3T through building on small improvements in many areas, of which transport rates are just one. 3T have divided these areas of improvement into 5 key categories.
  • Rates
    Savings are delivered through partnering with the most efficient carrier for each activity of business and regularly market testing this activity. By leveraging additional volume for the same service and/or synergy with other traffic activity.
  • Planning
    Savings are delivered through increasing vehicle utilisation by consolidation of orders, introduction of milk runs, load building and selecting the correct service for each transport request.
  • Admin
    Savings are delivered through automation of TMS tasks, include carrier optimization and invoicing audit and control.
  • Business intelligence
    The provision of the most basic of transport information can prompt a change of behaviour. Enhanced visibility enables 3T to highlight key trends and measures that result in action that reduces transport cost.
  • Continuous improvement
    Using the information captured in the process to set improvement KPIs and by engineering alternative solutions around service and process to help further enhance savings. Applying 3T’s improvement framework.

Cost saving frameworks

The SOLO system helps 3T Chorus capture and display real time management information, enabling us to identify a range of cost saving frameworks that can be applied to the client’s business.


  • Centre of gravity analysis
  • Inventory analysis
  • Core fleet carrier mix


  • Market testing
  • Milk run review
  • Order consolidation
  • Transport mode analysis

Customer Service

  • Delivery / collection diary
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Delivery consolidation
  • Service level analysis
  • Cost to serve scenarios
  • Order cut off review

Business intelligence

  • Bespoke reporting identification
  • Transport issue cost review
  • Vehicle utilisation review
  • Handling unit analysis
  • Forecasting analysis

Change management

3T Chorus specialise in helping companies fundamentally change their approach to transport. The largest savings are achieved through a change in process and not rate savings alone. 3T have a dedicated change management department that drives this process through an organisation.
3T take a structured and disciplined approach to change management; one which is focussed on ensuring that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully to achieve the desired long term benefit. Project plans are developed for each client independently to ensure that change is managed effectively every step of the way. The implementation team is established at the outset of a project and includes members from 3T and from the client. Change management applies the glue between all functions involved in the process.
Key areas of focus for change
Systems integration
architecture and mapping
Carrier solution
tender, lane allocation, rate setup
Operational process & setup
SOP recruitment & training

Problems solved by 3T Chorus

  • Reversing the trend of increasing cost of transport
  • Step change transport cost reduction with the typical target of 20%+ net savings.
  • Supports an environment of changing customer delivery profiles and changing customer service needs
  • Enabling fact based discussions through data to support customer service or efficiency based decisions
  • Improving customer service and control over customer service
  • Increasing flexibility into a fixed resource based transport solution.
  • Transition management, helping clients change their transport operations
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