Technical education funding to help solve skills shortages in logistics

It was announced in the 2017 Budget that the UK will spend £500m on improving technical education for 16 to 19-year-olds. The funding will introduce new qualifications known as T-levels.

With an ageing workforce in the logistics and transport industries specifically, T-levels will strengthen young persons’ skills base and offer training in a range of occupations. The introduction is an attempt to make tech qualifications equivalent to A-levels in terms of status.

Starting in 2019/20, a fund maintenance loan will also be available for students pursuing higher-level technical education at national colleges or institutes of technology.

Logistics shortage

Various areas of the supply chain are currently suffering from a limited pool of talented individuals and a generally ageing workforce. Within logistics, from entry-level positions through to senior-level roles, the problem has been present for a number of years.

Recruiting for this field of work can be difficult as many simply aren’t aware of a career in logistics. It’s important for companies and the government to tackle the problem before it’s too late. The proposed T-levels are certainly a step in the right direction.

Skills needed

Like most industries, technological advancements are reshaping the field and the skills necessary for entry. According to the Institute of Directors, nearly half a million roles were left unfilled in the UK last year because of the shortage of technical skills.

Technology is quickly advancing, meaning that companies must find new employees with the broad yet specialised skill sets to be able to operate new systems and equipment. T-levels will take emphasis away from the academic route and attract talent to industries such as logistics.

With access to European labour potentially becoming more difficult in the wake of Brexit, the announcement comes at a welcome time. It will give young people clear pathways to technical careers and bring a stable flow of talent to industries in need of it most.

The investment is good news for the industry but doesn’t change the appeal of efficient logistic operations. 3T’s transport solutions enable companies to handle more deliveries with a smaller number of vehicles and drivers. Call us today on 0116 2824 111 for more information.

Monday, 27th March 2017