Driverless trucks to aid transport management

Technology is constantly evolving and there are very few industries, that aren’t changing as a result of technological advancements. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen technology such as sat navs, equipment to lower vehicle pollutant levels and transport management systems revolutionise the transport management industry.

These advances are just some of the many that have helped improve service levels in the industry. The next radical change is just around the corner: self-driving trucks.

Driverless technology

Much focus and investment in self-driving technology has been focused on passenger vehicles. However, a start-up in America has targeted commercial trucking as it feels that this sector can benefit from autonomous vehicles.

Embark launched in February and claims its trucks will be able to self-navigate freeway routes from exit to exit without any driver interaction. The State of Nevada has allowed Embark to test their vehicles on public roads, so on-road data to hone the system is already being collected.

At present, the technology is only capable of driving along long stretches of road and not through the congested streets in city centres. For these parts of the journey, human operators will take over and finish the deliveries.

How it affects transport management

Although not yet possible, the advancements show how close end-to-end delivery of self-driving vehicles could be. And Embark isn’t the only self-driving truck. Otto used a fully autonomous truck to transport goods 120-miles in Colorado last year.

Lessening the need for manpower by using driverless technology could significantly reduce the costs of a large-scale transport operation. But why wait for such technology to enter the market to start making savings? There are reliable and trusted ways for transport managers to save money already available.

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Tuesday, 7th March 2017