What 3T do

At the 3T Group, we combine systems solutions and transport expertise with the express purpose of reducing our clients’ transport costs – whilst improving service. Formed in 2000 from a background in 3rd party and 4th party logistics, 3T offer a range of products and services to suit all clients’ needs: from those seeking lesser levels of support, through to organisations looking to completely outsource their transport management department.

Who we work with

3T work with companies of all sizes across a range of industries, including premium brands with complex logistics needs i.e. multiple sites and customer geography or service levels. Companies who have exhausted the traditional methods of reducing costs i.e. squeezing the carrier rates and companies who haven’t got the time to regularly review their transport offer. 3T give clients control and visibility around their transport operations. We provide our clients with the information they need in a format that they can use to make informed decisions around service and cost. We give recommendations around cost and service and introduce best practice into an operation.

We can save anything from 10% to 50% of a company’s transport spend depending on the client position.

How do we do it - core philosophy

Rate savings

Achieved by introducing multi carrier solutions – utilising the right carrier for each consignment and reducing empty mileage operated by the carrier through introducing collaboration between 3T customers.

Improve vehicle fill

System based transport optimisation to increase the vehicle utilisation reducing the cost per unit. Increased visibility processes to improve quality of information used for planning transport. Dynamically assigning the right transport service (parcel, pallet, load) to the daily requirements.

Reduce administration

Our system reduces the amount of manual interaction; manual activities are automated and connected through an end to end process.

Fewer specials

Enhance visibility of orders from all parties, more time to focus on solutions and disciplined transport processes, reducing the number of special transport requests.

Improved visibility

Management information is key to driving decisions that help reduce cost. The architecture of the reports ais designed to highlight transport cost outliers.

Saving focus

Client agreements include incentives to help drive cost down through introduction of initiatives. 3T’s continuous improvement department undertake a what-if analysis and quantify savings opportunities with a monthly meeting structure to present cost saving initiatives driven by a win-win mechanism.

We care about people

People are at the core of 3T’s strategy. Our objective is to ensure that we have the highest calibre of employees in the industry. We offer ambitious career plans to attract the best individuals into the business, whilst our year on year growth ensures that our staff can develop their careers. We promote from within wherever possible, introducing new people to strengthen the team at all levels. We offer exciting and dynamic careers for the highest performing logistics professionals.

Our unique approach

The 3T Group strength is that they are neither an IT company, a transport company or a logistics consultancy – but that they combine all three. The sophistication of the software has been developed using an in-house focus group from 3T Logistics. The software has been developed “by the client for the client”. All functionality has been focused around saving time, reducing administration and improving efficiency. The technology needs to be quick enough to run in real operations and “real” enough to provide tangible value. 3T Logistics has benefited from having this technology available in-house. If a change needs to be made to support a client need, it can be made quickly and easily. The technology also enables the 3T Group to implement more money saving opportunities and introduce more carriers because the system can deal with the complexity without creating an administration burden that would outweigh any benefits.