• Solo. Smart software. Designed by our clients, for our clients

    3T Solo is our automated Transport Management system developed by 3T. See more on 3T Solo >
  • Symphony. Helping you improve efficiency with our flexible network.

    3T Symphony applies our systems, expertise and customer energy for an optimum transport operation. See more on 3T Symphony >  
  • Chorus. Our Expertise with you in the driving seat

    3T Chorus outsources your transport department but keeps you in control of the key decisions. See more on 3T Chorus >
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saves up to 15% costs

World class transport management systems solutions that give you the tools to dramatically reduce your transport cost. If you are a transport expert but feel that you just don’t have the time to strategically look at your transport costs, take control by signing up to this web based TMS service now.
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saves up to 20% costs

An industry leading carrier network integrated through an independent systems platform to drive service improvement and cost reduction into your business. A single point of contact for your transport needs, Symphony offers national carrier systems and service at local carrier cost and commitment.  
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saves up to 25% costs

A true 4pl independent of any carrier choice, 3T Chorus can provide your business with the optimum transport solution. With an ongoing drive to reduce your transport cost year on year,  you can improve your service levels through a series of continuous improvement frameworks delivered by transport experts.
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Get help choosing right solution

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  • Systems integration Carrier tender Delivery confirmation
    “Ultimately, 3T has changed our business for the better by allowing us to focus on what we are good at.”
    Graham Rogers – Group Finance Director, Swantex
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  • Enhanced service Increased visibility Lower costs
    “3t has made significant reductions in our transport cost, whilst at the same time enhancing our service levels and offerings to our dealers”
    Chris Buckler – Operations Director JCB Service
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  • Transport Savings Increased visibility
    “3t’s continuous improvement approach has helped us to ensure that we are continually challenging the decisions that affect our logistics costs”
    Chris Horton – VP Operations -Linpac
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