• Solo. Smart software. Designed by our clients, for our clients

    3T Solo is our automated Transport Management system developed by 3T. See more on 3T Solo >
  • Symphony. Helping you improve efficiency with our flexible network.

    3T Symphony applies our systems, expertise and customer energy for an optimum transport operation. See more on 3T Symphony >  
  • Chorus. Our Expertise with you in the driving seat

    3T Chorus outsources your transport department but keeps you in control of the key decisions. See more on 3T Chorus >
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saves up to 15% costs

World class transport management systems solutions that give you the tools to dramatically reduce your transport cost. If you are a transport expert but feel that you just don’t have the time to strategically look at your transport costs, take control by signing up to this web based TMS service now.
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saves up to 20% costs

An industry leading carrier network integrated through an independent systems platform to drive service improvement and cost reduction into your business. A single point of contact for your transport needs, Symphony offers national carrier systems and service at local carrier cost and commitment.  
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saves up to 25% costs

A true 4pl independent of any carrier choice, 3T Chorus can provide your business with the optimum transport solution. With an ongoing drive to reduce your transport cost year on year,  you can improve your service levels through a series of continuous improvement frameworks delivered by transport experts.
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4PL tackles ‘shortfall’ in 3PL services

Fourth-party logistics (4PL) emerged as a discipline in response to a “shortfall in services capabilities” in the 3PL sector, according to a paper published in the Journal of the Operational Research Society. The article looks at 4PL and in particular the challenges of route planning for fourth-party logistics services providers, whose complex work provides a […]

Ecommerce boom drives growing demand for logistics services

Demand for logistics services is growing fast on the back of increasing uptake of ecommerce, according to a new analysis of the global market. The new report, titled ‘Global Ecommerce Logistics Market Research and Analysis, 2015-2021’, has just been made available by publisher Research and Markets. It looks at global ecommerce growth on a regional […]

4PL investment boosts reverse logistics recovery rates

Investment made by fourth-party logistics firms is a major driving force behind the increasing recovery rates achieved in 4PL reverse logistics, according to newly published research. A paper presented at the 13th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management this summer looked at the role played by 4PL investment in helping to raise levels […]

4PL adds a fifth layer to non-cooperative supply chains

We often mention the benefit of cooperation in supply chains, with suppliers and customers working together to minimise costs, or to optimise logistics via Logistics Services Providers (LSPs) including 4PLs. But in the real world, there is often inherent conflict: suppliers competing for the same contract; customers negotiating the lowest possible purchase price; and capacity […]

Optimising pharma shipments through supply chain synchronisation

Some of the best measures the pharmaceutical industry can introduce are those that have knock-on benefits for patient care, and supply chain synchronisation is one such endeavour. In this context, supply chain synchronisation is about aligning the delivery dates of crucial drugs and medicines so that they can be shipped together, and this can be […]

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Transport management and the AI revolution

It was great to see Steve Twydell’s article on Supply Chain Digital the other day.   “We’ve heard people talk about reducing the number of freight vehicles on the roads many times before. However, the transport industry has yet to find an effective way of doing so. Collaboration has been touted as the answer by some […]

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  • Systems integration Carrier tender Delivery confirmation
    “Ultimately, 3T has changed our business for the better by allowing us to focus on what we are good at.”
    Graham Rogers – Group Finance Director, Swantex
    Read full case study
  • Enhanced service Increased visibility Lower costs
    “3t has made significant reductions in our transport cost, whilst at the same time enhancing our service levels and offerings to our dealers”
    Chris Buckler – Operations Director JCB Service
    Read full case study
  • Transport Savings Increased visibility
    “3t’s continuous improvement approach has helped us to ensure that we are continually challenging the decisions that affect our logistics costs”
    Chris Horton – VP Operations -Linpac
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